Stainless Steel Reinforced

Stainless Steel Reinforced

Graphite Laminates

A stronger graphite sheet material easy to cut on-site, available in one metre square sheets or cut gaskets. The material comprises two outer layers of graphite foil with a central stainless steel core 0.05mm thick. The layers are bonded together in-house with a unique high temperature adhesive bonding system that does not delaminate during punching, storage and use.

Geegraf SSR

Stainless Steel Reinforced Graphite Sheet
• Minimum 99% purity graphite foil
• 0.05mm thick AISI 316 stainless steel foil reinforcement
• Unique high temperature adhesive bonding system
• Thickness range 0.75mm to 4.0mm
• Improved handling in sheet and cut gasket form

Maximum service temperature:
5000C in oxidising conditions
Maximum service temperature: 750oC in inert and reducing conditions
Maximum service pressure: 140 bar
Compressibility: 40 – 50%
Recovery: 10 – 15%

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